Jack Whitehall 

At Large



How best to open Jack Whitehall’s sell out 2-month 45-night UK arena tour? We decided on a hangover, a one night stand with David Walliams, a dubious encounter with Jack’s parents, a horse, no help from James Corden or Flintoff… and of course some Kris Akabusi.

(Password available on request)

Working Girl 




We’re developing an 8-part series with Channel 4 starring the wonderful Charlotte Richie. It follows early-twenty-something Annabel struggling to make rent with a collection of short term jobs that never seem to end well. Child prodigy Nathan Foad and Alicia MacDonald are lined up to write and direct respectively.

(Password available on request)

The Wagon Live 

Comedy Nights


For the past four years we have been running comedy nights at Shoreditch House (and the Farm House in Oxford), it’s become a bit of an institution. Every 3 months we pack out the library with a mixture the capital’s best comedy talent hosted by the dream that is Mae Martin.

Guests have included: Paul Foot, Adam Hess, Ellie Taylor, Sara Pascoe, Rose Matafeo, Jack Whitehall, Jamie Demetriou, Lazy Susan, Lolly Adefope, Liam Williams, Lazy Susan, The Pin, Bec Hill, Hari Kondabalu, Kieran Hodgson, Beard, Michelle de Swarte, Ginger and Black, Phil Wang, Emma Sidi, Natasia Demetriou, Ellie White, Ed Gamble, Ahir Shah, Daphne, David Elms, Massive Dad, Joseph Morpurgo, Sheeps, Daniel Simonsen, Holly Walsh, Tim Key, Joe Lycett, The Pin…

Next night: May 7th 2017



Cannes Straight 8



Jamella follows one heart-broken man battling to put his jumper on in the morning. It stars the amazing Jamie Demetriou (Fleabag) and won the Cannes Lions Straight 8 competition, beating off global competition from industry giants.

Jack Whitehall  

Gets Around



We developed a series of humorous films to promote Jack’s 2015 Arena tour, introduce the show & provide half-time entertainment. The tour was a sellout and our films gained high praise from showgoers, including The Telegraph. The highlight was a 7-minute short film following Jack’s ‘rough’ up-bringing in the slums of Putney.

A Collection of Shorts 



Every now and again we team up with some of our favourite comedians to make shorts. They’ve included looks inside a local butcher, a Shoreditch start-up, a content agency (not entirely different from ourselves) and the kitchen of a lifestyle blogger.

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About Us

The Wagon is a creative company making entertainment for both brands and broadcasters.   Good content either makes ‘em cry or makes ‘em laugh. We prefer the latter.* 


*Let’s be fair, there’s a lot to cry about right now and we wouldn’t be able to charge for that.

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Opinions Welcome



Not everyone loves the peaty taste of Laphroaig whisky. So for Laphroaig's #opinionswelcome campaign we worked with White Label to show off the best and worst opinions on this controversial of tipples. Our film became Adweek’s Ad of the Week, was viewed more than 3 million times, ran across Europe as a TVC and a 60" cinema cut. Most crucially, it drove a 25% sales spike for the quarter. That’s a lot of new fans … and a few haters too.


Fruit, made easy



Before everyone got flustered about 10 fruit and veg portions a day, even 5 seemed a bit daunting for us Brits. Innocent smoothies believe if you can’t eat it, drink it, so we created a humorous film campaign to get their fruit smoothies front of mind. Our campaign was seen over 7 million times, with more than 25,000 interactions on social.


The Sims 4 Launch



The Sims were weird in the 90s, however the launch of Sims 4 saw them back and weirder than ever. Working with the tagline ‘weird Sims, weirder stories’ we created the world’s first social media sitcom. It was like Eastenders on steroids. It worked with Sims 4 being the most successful release in 15 years and over 20 million impressions across social.


Don't Let Paul Do It All



In partnership with Sport Relief, Fitbit asked us to help the nation clock up 5 billion steps for their Big Billion Step-a-thon. In addition to our hero video, a mockumentary about one man’s mission to walk 5 billion steps by himself, we worked with Al Murray & Tess Daly on a celebrity step-a-thon. The campaign was a huge success, racking up 9 million video views and importantly, smashing the 5 billion step target in just 2 weeks.


Seasons Greetings



After the success of the first campaign we wanted to find more eccentric characters and more opinions. Again with White Label, we headed to New York to throw a Halloween costume party (with guests including Wagon favourite The Fat Jewish) and followed up with a Christmas tasting. To cap the year off we flew a choir up to Islay to sing some of our favourite opinions set to Christmas carols.


Step up, get down



For this year’s Comic Relief, we were brought on to produce Fitbit’s video campaign. The theme for this year was dance and for every dance people uploaded to social media, Fitbit donated. Louis Spence kicked off our video campaign with some quite erm, ‘unique’ dance moves…and finished with our grand finale…a dance off between Freddie Flintoff and Kelly Brook. The campaign was a huge success with Fitbit consequently donating £500k to Comic Relief.

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The newcomer East London brewery had a great origin story, but zero distribution budget. Fortunately our launch video did the heavy lifting for them, with 500K views generated from social shares alone.




To introduce new betting platform WantMyBet to the UK market, we created a tongue-in-cheek explainer video cameoing big social influencers, like vine star Anto Sharp and footballer Jimmy Bullard. Our film was a hit, reaching over 100 million and trending on Twitter in the UK on its release.




We have been working with San Fran’s exciting new tech platform, Lystable to create their launch video. The challenge: create a video that’s engaging, humorous and educational about the product. We think we’ve nailed it.




We were hyped to work with this exciting new events app, set to take London by storm. We needed an entertaining new video that explains how the product works to support the launch of the app.